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Kathleen L . Quinlan, LMT MA34322 – Orlando Intuitive Healing
Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching – Certified Since 2001

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Hypnosis Sessions by Kathleen Quinlan, LMT

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnotherapy Life Regression 

  • Session Fee – $125

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Therapy (QHHT) by Doris Cannon

  • Session Fee – $125
  • Past Life Regression, with a Deeper level of spiritual inner work and results are Amazing.

Neuro-Linguistic Advanced Hypnotherapy

  1. It is induction’s to the sub-mind to the desire to heal yourself.  Being at all times fully present and in control.
  2. Trance state is not a state of mindless unawareness such as in a staged hypnosis show.  It is a state that one is aware at all times of the induction’ given to help tune in to healing.  Relaxing the body and mind to restructure the negative sub-mind.
  3. Using the medical hypnosis with the powerful inductions of words can restore the subconscious and balance the conscious state to restore balance, mind, and spirit using spiritual hypnosis. 

Spiritual Hypnosis and Feeling Body:

  • Spiritual Healing Level II : 90 minute session – $125

  • A therapy Kathleen has harnesses to recharge and restore the spirit.
  • It is a Journey into the Soul

Neuro-Linguistic healing 

Healing occurs with less trauma to the sub-mind and lowers blood pressure, prevents fear when going back into the trauma state.  

Hypnotherapy is used in treatment before child birth to relax the client during the event of child bearing.

Hypnosis can be used for:

  • Trauma from Childhood 
  • Surgical procedures/fears
  • trauma of flight
  • Anti-Aging Sessions with Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction
  • Self Confidence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Weight Problems
  • Smoking
  • Any changes that someone wants to address.


Kathleen is an incredible, natural healer. She is highly intuitive in your health issues. Emotional energy and her abilities to transform your depression or deep emotional blocks that stop many from achieving their goals in life. Self esteem issues, weight problems and emotional past trauma ‘s from the past that become blockages in the health of the body can be lifted. I would recommend this to anyone looking for another way to heal!
New York
Kathleen is crazy good! Session yesterday, Wow! She was right on intuitively and very inspiring. How do you do this, see people and suggest to them the next steps they should advance in their lives? I am amazed.
Orlando Florida
Oviedo Massage | Orlando Intuitive Healing

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Kathleen Louise Quinlan with Orlando Intuitive Healing is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT (MA-34322).  She holds two national certifications in healing and therapeutic massage from the U.S. and Thailand since 2001.


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