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Kathleen L . Quinlan, LMT MA34322
Orlando Intuitive Healing Energy Healing and NLP Life Coaching
Certified Since 2001

Kathleen Louise Quinlan with Orlando Intuitive Healing is a Nationally certified Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, LMT (MA-34322). 

She holds two national certifications in healing and therapeutic massage from the U.S. and Thailand since 2001. She has studied many modalities of healing including Energy Healing, Advanced Trauma therapy NLP (Neuro Linguistic Processing), Tapping, and Past Life Regression.

Energy Healing By Kathleen Quinlan, LMTAlong with providing many techniques in healing, Kathleen has additionally become certified as a Life Coach and uses her innate ability to hone in on emotional balances, from past to present using her empathic skills since childhood.

She provides therapeutic massage in traditional massage therapy and in Advanced Thai Sen Sib Lines Healing (levels I, II, & III).  She also teaches Energy Healing Techniques and presents workshops as well as other modalities in which she is certified in.  Kathleen is also licensed in Energy Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Processing (NLP), and Past Life Regression Therapy. 

She also specializes in healing the heart and soul with her unique intuitive sensitivity as she reaches the deep emotions of the heart and releases trauma.  Through her use of intuition and empathic sensitivity, Kathleen, opens the heart and soul to transform the client to unlimited possibilities in their health, life, work, and emotional state which provides new energy, balancing, past and present restoration of hope and passion into their lives, enlightening them to take new directions in their life and in business.


"Her inspiration has changed my life and my work, I can’t imagine her not in my life!” Thanks so much for all the inspiration.  You truly are a friend. Never had a massage like that before. It was inspiring and I feel lighter!
Tuscawilla Country Club Area Massage
Orlando Florida
During the session I could feel the dead heavy weight of ancient wounds falling away from my body as I lay on the table. Her hands strong in vibration and her heart in compassion as she worked. She lifted very heavy emotions that I felt were stored into emotional memory, as she quietly tells you the vision of a past life that has had a significant part of my healing. I have had many types of therapy and this was the most profound and effective form that I have ever experienced. She is gifted with a knowing that is profound. The New Way To Heal the Heart Therapy!
LMHC Orlando Florida