Learn All About Kathleen Quinlan LMT Now!

About Kathleen Quinlan LMT

Learn About Kathleen Quinlan LMT Now!

Kathleen Quinlan LMT - Orlando Intuitive Healing MassageMeet Kathleen Quinlan LMT!

Kathleen Quinlan, N.C., LMT is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and Healer in many modalities. Kathleen Quinlan LMT has obtained two National Certifications – Florida College of Natural Health, NCBTMB in 2001 and another in traveling to Thailand, in 2006 became Nationally Certified from the Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai, in Three Levels of Healing with Sen Sib Line Massage Therapy.  


Later on Kathleen Quinlan LMT then went on to study many other modalities of healing as Usui Shilo Ryoho Reiki, Level II, and realized you do not need to have symbols to heal people. Soon, she then began to use more of her own techniques and intuition to develop her own style of healing. Adding a Level III, Qi Gong Energy Healing and Breath-work.

Learn More About Kathleen Quinlan LMT Now!

Kathleen Quinlan LMT never stopped learning and growing in her field, next she added another modality,  a Chinese Medical Massage using Visceral Manipulation and Medical Qi Gong for healing the body. This energy clearing technique uses her intuition. Next, she became interested in Cranial Therapy and was certified as a CRT, Cranial Release Technique Therapist, as well as in Osteopathic Cranial Therapy using Dr. Vodder’s Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release Therapy by Dr. Upledger.


On a quest wanting to learn more – Kathleen Quinlan LMT

Did you know that she became a Certified Teacher in Vibrational Healing Radial Light Therapy in 2006? It is true as well as teaching classes for a certification. One Christmas Eve, she got a call from the M.I.N.D.S. Holistic Alternative Psychology Masters Program and won a grant to study under the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness. Kathleen Quinlan LMT graduated in 2008. Kathleen then added to her credentials with ICBCH, as a certified Life Coach and another certification in NLP  Neuro Linguistic  Hypnotherapy For Trauma.


Recently, she was certified in QHHT, past life regression and healing thru Deloris Cannon. 2019. Plus, she has additional certifications in (MPS) Micro Current Therapy for pain and scar tissue. Along with Orthopedic Massage for cervical conditions, Lower Back and Hip Pain, and Neck pain. Including Lymphatic Massage and Lypo Massage for detoxing the body and water retention and tightening skin after weight loss.


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  • The MATTES METHOD active isolated stretching.

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Still More To Learn About Kathleen Quinlan, LMT.


First off, be aware, she is always available to schedule an appointment and help with your Spiritual Energy Healing. So here is just a little more about her past. Her journey began when she started her own business In 1998, when she gave Pedicures and Foot Reflexology.  She could feel when someone had an illness and sometimes smell cancer and picked up information of the person’s personality defects or emotional blocks that may have caused the illness.  This fueled her interest in healing the human body, which lead to an intense study of traditional healing massage and using energy.


Qi Gong Energy Healing.


This form of energy healing has been practiced in Japan and China.  Her interest in energy healing led her to an exploration of using her intuition to heal THE EMOTIONAL STATE OF THE BODY.  So she has developed her Level I, II, III Healing sessions in her company – Transformational Heart and Soul Healing Therapy. (C) tm 2001.

Kathleen Quinlan LMT

Kathleen Quinlan LMT offers a calming
office space for her valued patients

Cranial Release Technique and Stress

This treatment with massage or as a side treatment for alignment issues once or twice a month, can restore total balance in the body.


It has proven to relax the mind and release deep stress levels as well as a person recovering from a stroke. Facial muscles are restored in balance in one session. Helps in Autism, ADD, Stress and all over health restoration.


Kathleen is currently writing her therapy in this work or and giving classes on “Mastering Your Mind”  Healing Your Body Healing Your Heart Therapy”, RAINBOW OF LIGHT THERAPY – Healing the Heart and Soul therapy 

Holistic Massage Techniques
Deep Healing Massage – Energy Clearing
Intuitive Life Coaching Massage
Kathleen Quinlan LMT

What Customers Are Sayng About Kathleen Quinlan LMT

As Kathleen worked on me with her heart and soul to soul. What happened was a deep release of “stagnated energy” which that was stored into my joints for many years. What neuro-spiritual patterns that were holding patterns that often store deep emotional trauma. Illness and stress restrict joints and muscular movement. She cleared many area’s of my body as she massaged and stopped over area’s and worked her vibration of her hands with what she say’s is Healing of God thru her. She has inter connections with angel’s that guide her in her work. All I can say is ….I will keep her as my new massage therapist! MJM – Orlando
Orlando, Florida
I feel so much more balanced. I would recommend her to anyone! She even gave me new idea’s for my current business.
Tampa, Florida