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Oviedo Massage | Orlando Intuitive Healing

Medical Massage Services by Kathleen Quinlan, LMT

Advanced Cranial Therapy

Balancing out levels of cranial fluid to release headaches and trauma to the head, neck, and shoulders. Vodder Technique, and Cranial Release Treatment for the Body, Mind and all over healing.  It is an Osteopathic Therapy used for alignment disorders and Kathleen Quinlan, LMT uses it with a combination of Pressure Point Therapy, Myofascial and Neuro-muscular treatment for trauma in the neck, shoulders, cranial problems, Migraine’s and TMJ. Reduces stress in the neck and Mind by 98% instantly.

Cranial Release Technique, Advanced Cranial Therapy is about releasing stress in the body.  This technique is unique by itself, which helps with depression, ADHD, ADD, sleep disorders, TMJ Pain, neck / shoulder, alignment problems, hips as well as lower lumbar pain. This is therapy is about whole body healing. It can help in calming an Autistic child or an autistic adult.  

Did you know that Dr. Sutherland, the founder of Cranial Release Technique, once stated, “the cranial vault is part of the whole, CRT works gradually to put the body in it’s total balance”.  Which is pretty interesting because a single treatment can help balance leg length as well as helping with hip alignment problems. 


Ask Us About Scheduling A Session on our new Sound Table Massage! Plus you can enjoy healing and balancing with our Tuning Fork Sessions, which are now available as well.

Detoxification of the whole immune system. Decreases swelling in the body and increases energy levels. Detox the facial tissues due to stress.  Using ANMA Japanese technique therapy.  Pressure Point therapy included in all massages to reduce swelling in the body from toxins, STRESS from CHEMICALS, during and after Cancer Treatments.

Relaxing massage,  Lymphatic Detox Massage and vascular reduction. Lowers Blood Pressure, Sinus Problems, Water Retention issues.  Lymphatic Detox will also give a person more energy and helps the immune system get stronger.

Enjoy this type of holistic massage designed to relieve muscle tension and nerve impingement.

This massage releases pain all over the body. By releasing tension from one point in the body, Kathleen Quinlan, LMT can release pain in other parts of the body.

Your Licensed Massage Therapist – Kathleen Quinlan’s traditional healing, this is a massage that realigns the entire body through specific muscle movements.  Cranial Release adjusts even the leg length after just one treatment. 

Taking advantage of the body’s trigger points to release pain and tension.  Reduces pain and lengthens the muscles that are tight.

Releases tension in tight muscles by lengthening muscles to restore an injured muscle to return to a natural state.

Pressure points in the hands and feet can release stagnation in organs throughout the body through the use of warm towels on the hands and feet.

Manipulating pressure points in the face can relieve sinus pain and headaches, great for TMJ pain and lifts up facial muscles.

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What ever she has, she uses to heal others. All I can say is I want more. I feel like she took the depth of my soul and shined it again. I feel lighter. I will come see her again when I return to Orlando.
I finally figured out how to explain to people who have an open mind, what Kathleen does when she heals you during a massage. It is like a SPIRITUAL DIAGNOSIS, then getting diagnosed and healed with spiritual dialysis. Lifting things that have been heavy inside for a long time!
Therapist in Mental Health, Orlando, FL
Oviedo Massage | Orlando Intuitive Healing

More Massage Services by Kathleen Quinlan, LMT

Ancient Healing

Qi Gong (Tai Chi Dao-Yin) Level I, II, III for Healing

Energy projects from the therapist’s hands and transfers to the body to stimulate area of stagnant energy.


Advanced Thai Massage and Sen Sib Lines of Energy Healing Levels I, II, III

Dating back to 540 BC in Thailand, this massage focuses pressure point therapies in conjunction with Sen Sib Lines, natural lines of energy. This technique can be used to treat virtually any ailment, including cancer.


Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage

Slow movements, similar to Yoga, are used to coax the body’s frame back into alignment. This treatment is done on massage table. Some call it Acupressure which is similar to Acupuncture but without Needles.

Applying pressure to different points of the body activates and recharges any negative or stagnant areas in the body. It reduces pain and gives you more energy.

An ancient Japanese healing technique that involves projecting energy from the hands into the body, to energize the chakras (energy points).

Learned from a vibrant 86-year-old woman in Thailand, Nerve Point Therapy involves stimulating nerves through the body to release tension.  This technique also restores Chi Energy and restores balance. Mind and pressure point therapy is used to release pain centers (used in ancient healing).

Tapping movements on energy spots that can release toxins in the body. Tapping certain points can help you lose weight, relieve anxiety, energize emotions, treat depression, and so much more.

The art of Japanese Massage. Characterized by pushing and pulling – squeezing and tapping the muscles, applying pressure and removing pressure. It both releases negative energy and infuses positive energy.

Hatha is the traditional form of Yoga, which focuses on controlled breathing, slow movements, and flexibility, promoting better posture and longevity.

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Kathleen Louise Quinlan with Orlando Intuitive Healing is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT (MA-34322).  She holds two national certifications in healing and therapeutic massage from the U.S. and Thailand since 2001.


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