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Kathleen L . Quinlan, LMT MA34322 – Orlando Intuitive Healing
Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching – Certified Since 2001

Your Local Central Florida Massage & Healing Expert
Kathleen Quinlan with Orlando Intuitive Healing

Medical Massage Therapy

  • 45 Minutes – $65
  • 60 Minutes – $75
  • 90 Minutes – $99

Cranial Release Techinque –

  • Add It To Your Session:  $20
  • Private Session: $30 Session

Reflexology: Call for an appointment.

Intuitive Life Coaching Massage: 90 Minutes include Massage $125 

Level I – Transformational Heart & Soul Healing: 

“Included a massage, Hot Stones, Warm Towels”
90 minutes – Regularly is $125.

Transformational ❤️ and Soul Healing is Inspiring and Intuitive Massage and Life Coaching Session. Kathleen uses her Spiritual Access to address old issues in your life that are stagnating in emotional disorders, such as eating disorders, self esteem and more. When you leave you will feel lighter and more balanced and as if you had a spiritual Healing. Old issues, then become less trauma and she then takes it away from the emotional body.

Level II – Energy Healing Massage 

 Energy Clearing 90 Minutes $125

1 hr. $99 – Twice a month, same price.
90 min. $125 – Twice a month or more

Energy Healing Massage as she goes into a deeper healing with you. Healing the Feeling Body. Each session is uniquely orchestrated, to your Divine healing.

Level III – Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Session

  • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Session (Q.H.H.T.):  $125
  • “Past Life Regression” Hypnotherapy: $125

$99 per session after your $125. 90 minutes. As many per month.

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Session, is a deaper understanding of your life now and the past. It can restore emotional healing in one Session, old physical trauma’s attached from other past life’s can be released.

Hypnotherapy Life Regression Therapy

  • Fee – $125

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Therapy

  • Fee – $125


Neuro-Linguistic Advanced Hypnotherapy

  1. It is induction’s to the sub-mind to the desire to heal yourself.  Being at all times fully present and in control.
  2. Trance state is not a state of mindless unawareness such as in a staged hypnosis show.  It is a state that one is aware at all times of the induction’ given to help tune in to healing.  Relaxing the body and mind to restructure the negative sub-mind.
  3. Using the medical hypnosis with the powerful inductions of words can restore the subconscious and balance the conscious state to restore balance, mind, and spirit using spiritual hypnosis. 

Spiritual Hypnosis:

  • God and spirit, healing
  • “Heart and Soul Energy Healing”

Neuro-Linguistic healing 

Healing occurs with less trauma to the sub-mind and lowers blood pressure, prevents fear when going back into the trauma state. 

Hypnotherapy is used in treatment before child birth to relax the client during the event of child bearing.

Hypnosis can be used for:

  • Trauma from Childhood 
  • Surgical procedures/fears
  • trauma of flight
  • Anti-Aging Sessions with Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction
  • Self Confidence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Weight Problems
  • Smoking
  • Any changes that someone wants to address.


Massage Techniques
Deep Healing Massage – Energy Clearing
Intuitive Life Coaching Massage


Intuitive – Spiritual – Heart Healing – Inspirational Guidance Channeled for your best in health, Life Issues “It’s all about You”…she is gifted and knows her life’s journey to heal one by one and teach one or many. Thank you. I loved your class!
Orlando Florida
I saw her two times for a blood clot and swelling in my leg. The second time she worked on me, her hands vibrated over my leg and I said, “Are you using anything electric on me?”   She said, No, it’s the energy.  I called her two days later, whatever you did, the swelling is gone.
Winter Park Florida
Oviedo Massage | Orlando Intuitive Healing

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Kathleen Louise Quinlan with Orlando Intuitive Healing is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT (MA-34322).  She holds two national certifications in healing and therapeutic massage from the U.S. and Thailand since 2001.


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